Deanna Marcus


For 25 years Deanna Marcus has been an innovator and leader in the field of metaphysics, meditation, and spiritual practice. She has written, produced, and taught all levels of study, classes, courses, workshops, and trainings on metaphysical principles. In 1992, she founded Self-Discovery Group, a center for mindfulness training. She has a thriving private practice working with individuals and partners on a variety of personal and business issues. She is currently working on a new project, YouMatterNow.org, a site for experiences and resources. She is the author of the Meditation For Life Programs. Her work a blend of metaphysics, energy work, and mindfulness training, Deanna approaches her work with a deep sense of gratitude, kindness, and humor. She believes that all life questions can be understood through a practice of introspection.

Her training and practice spans over three decades.

  • Metaphysics, Meditation and Rebirthing Training: Center For The Healing Arts: 1987-1990
  • Minister’s License (1989): Center For The Healing Arts
  • Training and Certifications in Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Vedic Philosophy, Acupressure, Transpersonal Philosophy, Astrology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Self Development, and Spiritual Practice.
  • Her most important training and inspiration for her work is LIFE


Barbara Sambuceto, PT, MSPT, CLT-LANA


Barbara has studied meditation with the Self Discovery Group for seventeen years, completing her teacher training in 2002.  Meditation and Metaphysics has given her greater self-awareness and an increased ability to confront fears in order to create a fuller, richer life. Barbara has practiced physical therapy for fifteen years, and specializes in rehabilitation oncology/lymphedema. She received her master’s degree in physical therapy from Pacific University and is currently pursuing her doctorate of physical therapy at AT Still’s University. She lectures at Pacific University on rehabilitation oncology and lymphedema and co-teaches the breast cancer rehabilitation course for the American Physical Therapy Association-Oncology Section. Barbara has great interest in mind-body medicine and its ability to promote health and ease symptoms of disease in the body.


Kirk Cook


Kirk Cook began studying meditation and metaphysics in his late teens and quickly began applying his skills to his personal and working life. For 20 years, Kirk has focused his work on empathy and personal growth, which he believes have powerful and positive effects on people’s lives. Kirk’s working career also includes youth and adult facilitation, hypnotherapy, ropes courses, personal growth workshops, fire walking events, and meditation courses.

With a CHt and Master’s Certificate in Hypnosis (2001), and a Practitioner’s and Trainer Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),  Kirk brings a unique perspective to our classes.

During his free time, he studies religion, integral theory, transpersonal psychology, and contemplative practices. In his 62 years, Kirk has learned that knowledge remains only information unless it is applied directly toward one’s self. Kirk has learned this, among many other things from living a full life.

Kirk’s Diverse Experiences Include:

  • Teaching Certificate in Thought Pattern Management: 2001
  • Fire Walk Certification: 1998
  • BS in Biology and Philosophy from Western Michigan University: 1975
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo: 1973
  • Studying Trancendental Meditation Since 1970