“Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean with no beginning and no end.” ~Rumi

The Meditation For Life courses and workshops are designed to teach you practical and easy ways to apply and sustain a contemplative meditation practice. We teach a blend metaphysical and spiritual principals to help you expand your awareness of your true self. Our courses and workshops focus on mindfulness training in all facets of life. We understand the ways in which a daily meditative practice can radically improve and change your life. Our programs center around the concept that we are all whole and one, and we know that all things becomes possible when we realize this.

Workshops / Immersions


Meditation Happy Hour

FREE Meditation Happy Hour!
This is a fun and easy way to explore the basic principles behind Metaphysics and Meditation. You will have the opportunity to feel the benefits of contemplative meditation practice. Learn some simple guided meditations that you can use very day to calm the mind and body. Explore ways to integrate meditation into your everyday life. Join us for an enlightening evening full of playful relaxation.

Space is limited and enrollment is mandatory.

Come join our Drop In Meditation Classes on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

First Visit to a Class is FREE.


Fundamentals of Meditation

This three hour immersion is designed to begin, support, and cultivate an at-home meditation practice. We will guide you through the principles of meditation and assist you in developing a daily practice of reflection. Learn to use techniques to recognize and shift chronic and toxic thought patterns. Begin to understand how to maintain an internal focus. Realize the benefits of integrating meditation into your life. Join us and discover the benefits of meditating every day.

Date and time for next Fundamentals of Meditation Workshop to be announced.

Tuition: $79.00


Spiritual Principals of Manifestation

One Day Meditation Retreat

Live well, reach your potential, and appreciate your life.
In this one-day mediation event, you will learn how to get what you want by focusing your mind and energy. We will explore the great trinity of manifestation, how creativity and manifestation work, and how you can use your knowledge to achieve your goals. Whether you want to expand your hobbies, pursue a new career, change a mindset, or deepen your meditation practice, we will help you create what you want by giving you the tools you need to make lasting changes. Come explore with us and learn how to manifest your best life.

Date: Every January.
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tuition: $159.00


The Wisdom of Love

Deep within us lies infinite self-love. Through meditation and self-reflection, we will explore the limitless possibilities of our self-love as it pertains to our everyday lives. Join us for an evening of discovery and embrace the true beauty that is inside of you. We will create a sense of peace and ease by learning to appreciate our imperfections. After all, self-love is the root from which all things grow. It is up to you to take advantage of all the possibilities of this life. Start a new journey in self-love by taking part with us in our three-hour immersion workshop.

Date and time for next Wisdom of Love Workshop to be announced.

Tuition: $79.00


Freedom and Forgiveness – One Day Immersion

Free yourself from past wounds, traumas, and harsh judgments. We cannot fully love until we release the resentments we have against ourselves and others. Harboring resentments manifests judgment, limiting our ability to live in truth. Learn simple and safe ways to acknowledge and identify pain and fear. Understand and learn from your past to forge a richer future. We create what we know, and when we forgive we embrace a whole new world.

Come learn with us and free yourself!

Date and time for next One-Day Immersion to be announced.

LiveWell Meditation for Life Courses


Metaphysics Practice Sessions

Join us for our 90 minute practice sessions. Our sessions are designed to give our advancing students an opportunity to practice skills learned in our healing and clairvoyant programs. It also gives our visitors an opportunity to learn more about our classes, receive a student energy healing and enjoy a easy to follow 20 minute guided meditation. Its a fun and simple way to experience the effects of a healing and energetic reset. All levels of study are invited!

Facilitators: Deanna and Kirk

Date and time for Metaphysics Practice Sessions to be announced.

Space is limited and Registration is Required.


Drop In Meditation Classes – All Levels

Learn meditation, mindfulness, and awareness.
Many of us suffer from an over-stimulated, busy mind, and few of us give ourselves time to practice self-reflection and introspection. Our drop-in classes provide a simple way for you to do just that. We will help you release harsh thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes, and teach you simple techniques and age-old practices that you will use to improve your awareness and focus your attention. Join Deanna Marcus and guest teachers for this twelve week exploration of the human psyche through meditation.

Date and time for Drop In Meditation Classes – All Levels to be announced.

Punch Card Options:
12 classes $250.
6 classes $130.
3 classes $70.
Single classes $25 each.

First Visits to Class are FREE!
Space is limited and Registration is Required.


Meditation For Life Series I

By understanding that we create our own reality, we discover our ability to consciously change; this allows us to see clearly that we have the power to shift our lives. Many of us suffer from an overactive busy mind and the consequences of too much mental simulation. Learn how to free yourself from harsh thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes. Experience simple techniques and age-old practices to change your mind, expand your awareness, and focus your thoughts. Join us for this 12 week exploration of the human psyche through contemplative practice.

Tuition: $399.00

Come join our Drop In Meditation Classes on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.


Advanced Meditation Four Week Mini Course

Welcome to our advanced Meditation for Life course, which is designed to deepen and explore a daily meditation practice. We will review the fundamentals of meditation and how to live mindfully. While examining areas of our lives where we create stress and dysfunction, we will learn meditative techniques to soften the chaos we all experience in life. Our mission is to guide you to your true self. Whether you are starting a meditation practice again or you already have one, come join us in our four-week mini course!

Prerequisites: MFL I Meditation Course

Please refer to Drop In Meditation Classes – All Levels.


Meditation For Life Series II – 12 Week Healing Course

Take your mindfulness training to the next level and advance your meditation practice to deepen your intuition. During this 12-week course we will explore the healing process. To do this, you will select a healing project, which will be something that you want to shift within yourself. Learn the fundamentals of healing emotional, physical, and thought-based dysfunction in your life, and expand your understanding of metaphysical principals and tools. You will learn to generate and direct energy by using your hands and your intention. Develop a broader understanding of energy and how it manifests itself in reality. Through this class, you will embrace change in your life by learning to create a strong and quiet inner-world. Join us, and begin being your own healing master.

Prerequisites: MFL I Meditation Course

Fall Schedule Begins September 2018.

Tuition: $499.00


Advanced Healing Mini Series

In this four-week intensive course, you will practice giving and receiving healings, while building your psychic awareness and intuition. You will learn how to “own the room” and ground on a deep level. The Advanced Healing Mini Series is essential for experienced mediators who wish to expand their knowledge and skills, as well as practice working with others. This course is also required for students who wish to move on to the Clairvoyant program. You have begun healing yourself; now use your skills to help heal others!

MFL I Meditation Course &
MFL II Healing Course

Tuition: $399.00


The Clairvoyant Arts – The Art of Seeing Clearly

Moving beyond the thinking mind into a state of stillness, completely absent of time and space. Oneness with all things. Transcending all judgment. Wholeness.

Take a journey through your psyche. This course will be taught in three sections, each lasting seven weeks. By taking the first block of classes, you can advance to the second block, and so on. By focusing on our soul agendas, we will learn to live healthier, happier lives. To do this, we will practice paying attention to our inner voice and projecting our highest, truest selves.

Meditation for life: Level I 12 week Meditation Course
Meditation for life: Level II 12 week Healing Course
Meditation for life: Level III 4 week mini Advanced Healing
Daily 20 minute (or more) meditation practice

Fall Schedule Begins September 2018.

Please refer to Advanced Healing Mini Series.

Tuition: $699.00 per Block


The Meditation For Life Apprentice Program

This program is limited to students who have successfully completed the Clairvoyant Program and who have met all qualifications to advance to an apprenticeship with Deanna Marcus and Kirk Cook. Each apprentice will select an area of internal advancement for your mindfulness and metaphysical training. You will explore the energy behind thought as it pertains to metaphysics. Expand and strengthen your understanding of advanced metaphysical principles and theory through experience and practice. See beyond the physical realm and create from the well of limitless possibilities. This year’s apprentices will meet in three blocks during one full Saturday Immersion, and during one Monday evening practice session per month.

For more information about our Apprentice Program contact Deanna Marcus at Self-Discovery Group (503) 241-9150.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification Program

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the language of discovery. A process of mapping and understanding communication styles, thought pattern awareness, combined with personal development.

Weekend classes begin Fall 2018.
See course page for additional details.


Teacher Training Program

Clairvoyant Program
Apprentice Program

For more information about our Teacher Training Program contact Deanna Marcus at Self-Discovery Group (503) 241-9150.