The Meditation For Life Apprentice Program

This program is limited to students who have successfully completed the Clairvoyant Program and who have meant all the qualifications to advance to a apprenticeship with Deanna Marcus and Kirk Cook.

Each apprentice will select an area of internal advancement for your mindfulness and metaphysical training. You will explore the energy behind thought as it pertains to metaphysics.

Expand and strengthen your understanding of advanced metaphysical principles and theory through experience and practice. See beyond the physical realm and create from the well of limitless possibilities.

This years apprentices will meet in three blocks one full Saturday Immersion and one Monday evening practice session per month.

Kirk Cook and Deanna Marcus

Self-Discovery Classroom

For More Info:
For more information about our Apprentice Program contact Deanna Marcus at Self-Discovery Group (503) 241-9150.


Deanna Marcus
(503) 241-9150

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