The Clairvoyant Arts – The Art of Seeing Clearly

Moving beyond the thinking mind into a state of stillness, completely absent of time and space. Oneness with all things. Transcending all judgement. Wholeness.

Take a journey through your psyche!

This course will be taught in three sections, each lasting seven weeks. By taking the first block of classes, you can advance to the second block, and so on.

In the first seven-week block, we will address topics such as having accountability, identifying and naming fear, and comparing ego and true self. We will also discuss things like truth and limitation. While we develop these skills, we will read and translate energy, and clear our psychic pathways by learning to pay attention to our inner voice. We will explore energy realms and learn to move our experiences beyond time and space.

Block Two: During the second seven-week block, we will refine our understanding of existence, objects, and subtle energy, their properties, and cause and effect. Then we will venture into knowing our karmic roles and how they play out in relation to our lives; we will discover the layers of the energy systems and how they shape the choices we make; lastly, we will look closely at the energy of response versus reaction.

Block Three: The third and final seven-week block of the clairvoyant program encompasses the study and practice of expansion. Emphasis will be on seeing, recognizing, and releasing tricky energies that keep us in perpetual unconsciousness. By focusing on our soul agendas, we will learn to live healthier, happier lives. To do this, we will practice paying attention to our inner voice and projecting our highest, truest selves.


Meditation for life:
Level I 12 week Meditation Course
Level II 12 week Healing Course
Level III 4 week mini Advanced Healing
Daily 20 minute (or more) meditation practice

Kirk Cook and Deanna Marcus

Fall Schedule Begins September 2018.

Please refer to Advanced Healing Mini Series.

Self-Discovery Classroom


$699.00 per Block

Deanna Marcus
(503) 241-9150

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