Meditation For Life Series II – 12 Week Healing Course

Take your mindfulness training to the next level and advance your meditation practice to deepen your intuition.

During this 12-week course we will explore the healing process. To do this, you will select a healing project, which will be something that you want to shift within yourself.

Learn the fundamentals of healing emotional, physical and thought-based dysfunction in your life, and expand your understanding of metaphysical principals and tools.

You will learn to generate and direct energy by using your hands and your intention. Develop a broader understanding of energy and how it manifests itself in reality.

Through this class, you will embrace change in your life by learning to create a strong and quiet inter-world. Join us, and begin being your own healing master.

MFL I Meditation Course

Barb Sambuceto and Deanna Marcus

Fall Schedule Begins September 2018.

Self-Discovery Classroom

7-9:30 pm


Deanna Marcus
(503) 241-9150

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