Welcome to the Self-Discovery classroom. I am Deanna Marcus and I’m happy you can join us today!

Today we’re going to just do a little breathing exercise. A very simple breathing exercise and relaxation meditation. So if you could just find a comfortable seat. Maybe in a chair. Or maybe on the floor. Whichever. Find this comfortable seated position. And just close your eyes and relax. Just find your breath and notice your breath as you inhale and exhale; inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Nice, deep, round breaths.

Just allow your body to begin to relax into your chair. Beginning with your feet, allowing your feet to begin to relax into the floor. Using your breath. Inhaling new and refreshing energies. Exhaling and letting go of that which no longer serves you, no longer resonates with you. And just notice your feet melting into the floor. Notice your knees, ankles, calves relaxing. Your thighs. And feel your bottom melting into the seat of your chair, or into the floor. Allow your shoulders to release down your back. Allow your hands to relax. Allow your arms to begin to go slack, using your breath. Scanning your body, take your breath to those places that feel sticky and tight. As you exhale, soften and release.

Allow your jaw to go slack, allowing your tongue to rest gently in your mouth. Relaxing the back of your head. Relaxing your skull. Top of your head. And your face. Your eyes relaxing gently your eye sockets. Relaxing your sinuses. Your ears. Front of your neck; your throat. Releasing your sternum. Relaxing your lungs. Your heart. Your diaphragm. Your belly. Release your pelvis into your chair, or into the floor. Allowing everything to relax.

Notice your breathing again. And the power of your breath. It is the nature of your breath to inhale new energy, and to exhale, and release and detox very simple brilliant breath. Just noticing your breath. Know that you can return to your breath at any time. Being mindful of your breath throughout your day. And returning to your breath. Notice if you’re breathing or if you’re holding your breath. Notice if you do hold your breath and try to breathe through those moments. Bring your focus back. And just gently and softly open your eyes.

Have a wonderful day. Namaste.